Guardian Malaysia Online Experience

*This is not a sponsored post. I bought everything using my own money.

Today, I'm going to share my experience buying from Guardian Malaysia Online. Gatal tangan saja nak try, padahal Guardian ada je dekat dengan rumah. 

This is the link:

First of all, macam biasa, browse items, add to cart. Lepas tu dekat Cart tu, ada semua subtotal and shipping cost (RM6.60). Free shipping for above RM150.

Just click "Proceed to checkout"

Nanti kena isi semua nama, address etc etc, and choose payment menthod

You can choose either credit/debit card or online banking.


After dah siap buat payment, akan keluar macam ni:

And then it will inform, your order has been received.

Kalau buat online banking, nanti dapat tiga emails:

1. FPX: Transaction status
2. Payment details - inform payment dah berjaya
3. Guardian - Order dah placed

The next day, dapat email invoice:
Tu je. Takde tracking number ke apa ke, takde.

Lepas tiga hari, barang sampai. Guardian hantar pakai GDex.

My reviews:
1. The website is user friendly, senang nak add to cart, senang nak bayar.
2. However, website punya interface macam tak cantik sangat hahaha sebab dah biasa browse Hermo and Althea, website diorang cantik!
3. Susah gilaaaaa nak register. Susah sangat. Dia macam tak fully develop lagi or orang tak test the website so macam banyak betul lah error dia.
4. Tak ada tracking number. Lepas confirm order, dia tak bagi any tracking number untuk track our parcel. Tak tahu pakai courier apa.
5. Parcel balut cantik and kemas. So okay lah.
6. Quite fast. Took only 3 working days for my parcel to arrive.
7. Gdex is getting better, dia call dulu kalau tak ada orang kat rumah. Bagus.
8. Tak banyak vouchers, welcoming users ke apa ke, takde. Boring sikit. Althea ke Hermo ke, kalau first time beli, dapat RM15-RM30 off kot! Ni macam hmmm okayy, nasib baik tak beli banyak sangat barang

Will I shop again?
YES, kalau barang yang I nak tu susah sangat nak dapat, and asyik out of stock je dekat physical store.

Again, this is not a sponsored post tau. Just sharing my experience if you guys nak try Guardian Online :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. ingatkan sha sorang je perasan website guardian takcantik hahaha T_T

  2. my first time ordering from guardian was november last year. sebulan tunggu tak sampai sampai padahal ada je kat rumah tak keluar pergi mana pun. GDEX tak attempt delivery tapi bila check tracking number online, kemain cakap dah attempt delivery and siap bagi sorry card (padahal langsung takde!). end up guardian refunded me sebab malas dah nak tunggu and dah takde hati pun nak dptkan barang barang tu. so frustrated..

    1. I think it depends on the driver. My experience with Gdex masa beli dekat Hermo was a disaster! This time, driver baik siap call dulu. The previous one, entah hape hape! I know how you feel :(

  3. Looks like not bad je! Easy and convenient la nak buat shopping kat online, when you are lazy to head out.

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  5. Barang sy belum sampai lagi. Sy buat payment 28nov mggu lps..mcm mana nk contact guardian eh? Dah call byk kali tak angkat..😭. Takkan delay lama sgt.

  6. saya pon ada beli barang dgn gurdian and dah selamat dah transfer duit just nak tahu mcmna kita nak tahu status barang kita ?

  7. Sy beli kt guardian 10/2/2018. Hari ni dh 15hb xde khbr berita dri guardian. Mmg mcm ni ke? Guardian xde inform ape2 ke?

    1. Same with me. Payment on that date too. Da email guardian tp x reply lg.

  8. Same here placed order on 11/2/2018..Still no respond from them..Email them twice already.

  9. Saya submit order 11 february, sampai harini 19 february, still tak dapat barang lagi hmm