LaF Med.Secret Cream Ceramide Review

I bought this LaF Med.Secret Cream Ceramide during the Guardian sale here (Guardian 40% sale) last month. After 5 weeks, habis dah. So this is my review.

New IPC Shopping Centre #IPCSoMuchMore

Most weekends are for family outings and most of the time, we go to the same old place. Today, I decided to check out the IPC Shopping Centre since my friends has been raving about the new redevelopment. So yay, let's go and visit (and do some shopping :P)

COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence Review

It took me awhile to review this product walaupun dah lama beli since I don't really use this as much as I use other products.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 Review

     Been using this for a few months and dah nak habis dah. Baru nak buat review hahaha. The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.

Bio Essence Rose Gold Water Review

I bought this product out of curiosity. Sebab ramai gila cakap product ni best sangat and always sold out. Dah ala ala viral gitu. Apesal entah.

MUJI Oil Cleansing Review

MUJI skincare line is one of the line that I really wanted to try tapi takut sebab there's no legit reviews online yang I faham. Maybe ada, but it's in Japan lah kot. Tapi tak apa, I decided to try je lah. The first product that I tried was the moisturizing milk which I really love! The second one is the toning water which for me, biasa biasa je. So today, I would like to share the reviews on MUJI Oil Cleansing.

Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory Pavilion KL Review

I am the biggest fan of ayam goreng. Lagi lagi korean fried chicken yang sekarang tengah hot tu, my fav! Read me if you're a korean fried chicken lover like me too!

Benda yang patut dielakkan untuk kulit muka

There's a lot of DIY tips, guna barang barang yang ada dekat rumah je. I guess semua orang pernah try tips ni, kan?

Best baby diapers for Maysaa? + mini reviews

Maysaa is already 12 months! So yang ni I listkan diapers yang pernah try and some mini reviews. Dulu masa mengandung, I pun tak tahu nak beli diapers yang mana. Banyak gilaaaa. So hopefully, this post may help you!

Some diapers that I've tried. Ada yang dah buang so tak ada dalam gambar.

Disclaimer: Semua baby tak sama. Ada baby yang kulit sensitive, tak boleh pakai sembarangan. Ada baby yang membuang banyak. So this is just a general review je.

VPROVE Optimula Hyaluron Poten Mask, Fresh Cream and Balance Cream review

Another VPROVE review. I am going to share about the VPROVE Optimula Hyaluron Poten Mask, Fresh Cream and Balance Cream. 

VPROVE Optimula Hyaluron Poten Mask, Fresh Cream and Balance Cream